Usage of Danish Holiday Houses during the winter

Based on case law and the latest interpretation of the rules of the Forest and Nature Agency page the Association of Danish Holiday House Letters recommend that the following rules are applied when the holiday house is used during the winter months:

1. There is a maximum limit for nights in the winter of 91 nights (13 weeks).

2. There are the following additional rules about the location of nights during the winter months:

- It is allowed to stay in the holiday house for several consecutive periods, however:

  the period may not exceeding extended to 4 weeks - and in one case 5 weeks

  and after each consecutive period of 4 (5) weeks accommodation, the holiday house is not allowed to be used for accommodation in a 4 day period.

3. As regards owner’s blocked periods, they weigh according to the usage ratio only to the extent that there is overnight in the blocking periods. In order for the bureau to relate to such overnight stays the notification must be directly from the owner to the bureau.

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