Welcome to the Board of Appeal for Holiday Homes

The Board of Appeal deals with complaints from tenants against letting agencies and a private lessor concerning holiday homes. The Board of Appeal represents an alternative to the ordinary legal system. On this website you may read more about the organ.

The Board of Appeal deals solely with legal enquiries concerning the legal relationship between a private consumer and the lessor of a holiday home. 

By complaining to the Board of Appeal for Holiday Homes (Ankenævnet for Feriehusudlejning), you explicitly consent to the secretariat, the Board of Appeal and the rental agency to receive the personal information included in the complaint form and the other documents of the case.

In order to process your case, the Board of Appeal needs to know your name, address and e-mail address as well as your bank account number (for possible repayment of the appeal fee).

The Board of Appeal treats your personal information with precaution and does not disclose your information to third parties. Your information will be forwarded only to the respondent (the rental agency), for them to comment on your complaint. In addition, your personal information will only be forwarded to the members of the Board of Appeal that will process the case.

Telephone +45 20 36 22 44
Mail info@ankenaevnferiehus.dk